Dance aesthetics are as essential if not more than mere intellectual or physical education, since Indian Classical Dance is the highest form of art. Children also learn discipline and patience which are the most important factors in their life.

At SRCS, western dance classes are a great alternative to team sports that offer lessons for young children. Dance lessons can help to spark creativity in young children and help them to develop an appreciation for the arts

Indian classical music classes at SRCS can be an amazing medium to captivate and connect children to each other and their rich cultural background right from start.

If you have ever wanted to study and master another language, the best medium to start with is that of music. This is because you will learn pattern recognition throughout western music education at SRCS.

Drama & Theatre
Students at SRCS learn to approach situations in an array of different manners which can help to develop creative thinking and new study techniques through performing art. Confidence gained from learning performing arts skills applies to school, career, and life.