Ranked No. 1 Boarding cum Residential School of India
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Timing 9am – 4pm [Mon–Sat]
Location Knowledge Village, Sherpur,
Shimla Road, Dehradun-248197


The ICSE Board's recommended curriculum is followed by SRCS.

Writing proficiency, preparing for tougher academic challenges, and developing independent study abilities are given more importance.

Admissions are welcome for classes M2 to 11.

EDUCATION ESSENTIAL- Our school serves as a bridge between childhood and adolescence, a time where children start to develop a larger capacity for abstract thought. Continued emphasis on inquiry-based learning is combined with parallel in-depth studies of many topics and sports, which frequently lead to integrated projects.

  • We also place a strong emphasis on learning through intrepid exploration (observation, experimentation, and inquiry). Children make excellent scientists. They expend all of their time and effort studying the language, myths, songs, and literature of the society into which they were born.
  • Community service is another significant component of the curriculum since it gives students the chance to get involved in their local community and has a long-lasting, beneficial effect on society as a whole.

Students that participate in community service learn valuable life skills and information while also helping those in need, particularly orphaned and abandoned children.

Serving the community has positive psychological, social, and cognitive effects. By enabling students to acquire skills applicable to the workplace, it also helps to improve student resumes. Additionally, it fosters in them a sense of civic and social responsibility.

  • School Excursions are carefully thought-out curriculum-related activities that enhance students' education by fostering greater awareness of and engagement with many cultures and environments. Enhancing the opportunities for learning. Every academic year, it is set up for students.

These excursions also give the facilitators and students a chance to get to know one another better and provide a much-needed break from their busy daily schedules.

Trips are specifically designed to let students experience and comprehend the actual, global world. As part of travels, a variety of activities are completed that encourage original thought and a broadened perspective.