• Curriculum based on clearly defined, age-specific outcomes.
  • Experiential, inquiry-based approach, balanced by structured academic goals, with due focus on developing the skills of articulation, analysis and application of information.
  • Individual Learning Plans: For Special Education Needs students.
  • Assessments: Relevant, formative and continuous, they are based on observations, projects, activities, worksheets, research and presentations, and weekly reviews – linked to learning experiences.
  • Subject specific activities and fests: Language Fest, Science and Math Fairs, etc.
  • Class Teacher Time: To discuss important issues that influence daily activities and the role of the individual in the wider context.
  • Extended learning opportunities in the form of field trips, workshops and guest lectures.
  • Mixed age / interest-based vertical learning groups.
  • 21st Century learning techniques: The use of technology to learn math and as an aid to learning all other.
  • Opportunities to exercise franchise in electing the Student Council.
  • Community Outreach Programme: To build awareness and encourage sensitivity.


Knowledge Village,
Sherpur, Shimla Road,
Dehradun-248197, Uttarakhand.