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Guidance & Counseling


At Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun, we work to create self-sufficient, independent thinkers who have the abilities and maturity to excel in college and beyond, but we also recognise that sometimes our children need a helping hand.

We have a robust advising programme that assigns each student a faculty tutor in order to support them. Our tutor programme pairs each student with a community adult who is available to assist them in a variety of ways.

This programme is overseen by the House Co-ordinator. Tutors and students often meet to discuss topics of interest and relevance as well as to provide updates on each student's progress.

Tutors are available to help children and their parents with all facets of school life, including academic development, social adaptations, and personal challenges.

The easiest way to begin a conversation with questions is to call the student's tutor. If the tutor is unable to assist directly, the tutor may locate the appropriate person to speak with further.

One of the most significant relationships a student may have while attending SRCS is the one that develops between Tutors and Tutees.


Our experts at SRCS, facilitates to create a step-by-step plan for your child's career progression. They counsel the student to discover his perfect stream, subject combinations, and career, based on his unique strengths and abilities with a comprehensive assessment for future establishments.