Discovery Space

The STEM lab provides for a unique opportunity for each child. It is time for our children to discover the genius within themselves by creating something they can proudly call their own.

Theatre Studio

To hone a child's ability to act, the theatre studio gives a chance to bring out their undiscovered talent.

Dance Centre

We facilitate children to enjoy trained & natural movements to the rhythm of music.

Music Studio

Students learn to channelize their interest in music and are taught to play various instruments.

Amphi Theatre

At the heart of the School is the Amphitheatre with its soothing ambience which adds to the solemn atmosphere of assemblies. The 'Kund' is an area where educational and cultural shows are witnessed.


A well stocked Library facilitates the craving to read and learn for both students and staff.

Resource Centre

Well equipped with computers and facilitator’s, the Resource Centre helps bring life to our learning’s & keeps us at pace with the fast developing world.

Stay Safe

All students deserve to live, study and socialize in an environment that’s free of violence and harassment. At SRCS 24X7 security vigil keeps safety on and around campus at its best. For any behaviourial concern that needs to be addressed, our Safe Campus Leaders are available to speak to anytime.

Making Life A Celebration

For students, it is a great way to understand the rich heritage of India and learn about the importance of various festivals. These festivals also help students from across the world to know about India and its history. This creates a good reputation of our country in the world and we get an opportunity to spread our country’s rich heritage. We organise cultural exchange for students that foster inter-cultural learning experiences. Cultural exchange programs promote mutual understanding between nations, and students get an opportunity to learn the culture of other countries.

Sharpening Minds

SRCS follows a curriculum based on guidelines provided by the ICSE Board. Greater emphasis is placed on skills of written communication, preparation for broader academic challenges and on building independent study skills. Admissions are welcome from classes M2 to 11. At SRCS we have the transition between childhood and teenage. A stage for greater ability for abstract thinking which begins to emerge in children. The focus on inquiry-based learning continues, as do parallel in-depth explorations of subjects and sports which often culminate into integrated projects. We also emphasize on learning through spontaneous investigation (observation, experimentation, and inquiry). Children are natural scientists. They devote their endless amount of energy to learning all aspects of the culture they are born into- including language, stories, music, and literature.

Nurturing Home

At Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun we seek to develop independent-minded, self-reliant students with the skills and maturity to succeed in college and beyond, but we know that along the way our students appreciate a guiding hand. To support each student, we have a strong advising programme, which provides every student with a faculty Tutor. Under the responsibility of the House Co-ordinator, our Tutor programme matches each student with an adult in the community who is there to help them in a variety of ways.

Students meet regularly with their Tutors to update them about their individual progress as well as discuss issues of interest and importance. Tutors are here to assist students and parents with every aspect of school life from academic progress to social adjustments and personal hurdles. Students/families with queries can most easily start with a phone call to a Student's Tutor. If the Tutor cannot help directly, the Tutor may find the right person with whom to discuss further. The relationships that develop between Tutors and Tutees may be some of the most important ones a student may have during their time at SRCS.



Knowledge Village,
Sherpur, Shimla Road,
Dehradun-248197, Uttarakhand.