Leading Others

At Shri Ram Centennial School, we indentify, nurture and highlight leadership skills in our students by entrusting various important positions with them like the School Student Council, the Boarding House Council, Class Representatives, Class Monitors as well as by giving them rotational roles like Dining hall duties.

Welcome to the Student Leaders section of our school website, where we shine a spotlight on the exceptional individuals driving positive change within our campus community.

At the heart of our student body's involvement lies the Student Council, a dynamic group of elected representatives who champion the interests and concerns of their fellow students. Through organizing engaging events, open forums, inter- school events and collaborative initiatives with faculty, the Student Council ensures that every student's talent is acknowledged and their voice is heard and valued.

Stepping into our boarding houses, we encounter the dedicated members of the Boarding House Council. Committed to fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our boarding students, this council arranges a spectrum of activities that transform the houses into lively, inclusive homes. They serve as the bridge between boarders and staff, addressing concerns and fostering a nurturing environment.

Within the classrooms, the role of Class Monitors as well as Class Representatives is integral to maintaining an effective learning atmosphere. These monitors display exemplary organizational skills and leadership as they assist teachers, facilitate class discussions, and ensure that resources are readily available. Their contributions enhance the educational journey for all.

In yet another aspect of responsible leadership, students participate in Dining Hall Duties on a rotational basis. This practice instills a sense of ownership and shared responsibility as students take charge of serving meals, upholding hygiene, and cultivating a welcoming dining ambiance.

Through these various avenues of leadership, students at Shri ram Centennial School learn the values of teamwork, accountability, and communication. These young leaders inspire us with their dedication, drive, and passion for making our school community thrive.