Outdoor Learning

Immersive and meticulously planned, our school excursions are integral curriculum-enhancing activities designed to enrich students' education, fostering deeper understanding and cultural engagement. Held annually, these expeditions provide a refreshing respite from the rigors of daily academics while nurturing meaningful connections between educators and learners.

Tailored to unveil the complexities of the multicultural world, these journeys are meticulously curated to expand horizons and encourage innovative thinking. From igniting creativity to broadening perspectives, each excursion serves as a catalyst for holistic growth and a firsthand exploration of diverse cultures and environments.

Strengthening our commitment to holistic learning, we embark on field trips to places of academic abundance, such as science centers, nature parks, and art centers. These carefully curated excursions infuse classroom knowledge with real-world application, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Through these immersive experiences, our students not only gain academic insights but also cultivate a genuine appreciation for the wonders of science and nature, as well as enhance their artistic and cultural ingenuity.

Experiential Learning

Learning through experience can be fun and long lasting. At Shri Ram Centenial School, students get the chance to make memories and develop enduring friendships through a host of weekend activities.

  • Students have access to theatre productions and musical acts in and around Dehradun.
  • Trekking and camping are available to those who enjoy being outside.
  • Other weekend activities include going to theme parks, seeing movies, going shopping in malls, and taking day trips to interesting places.
  • Numerous activities are provided on campus throughout the weekend, in addition to off-campus trips.
  • During their leisure time, students have the option of using our facilities for sports and fine arts.
  • During the weekends, special activities like the broadcast of international matches and other well-liked events are also provided.