Primary School


With the ever changing world dynamics, there is a big demand for high quality education, which is provided to our students at Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun. Parents want to be confident that their child is receiving good education, as this would prepare them for their future education. The skills and knowledge they learn in school are very valuable and puts them in good stead for future experiences.

Pedagogy for the Primary School followed at SRCS focuses on the method and practices in teaching the children, the approach towards teaching styles, and relates to the different theories used, how feedback is provided as well as the assessments that are set.

Primary Curriculum

The innovative curriculum for the Primary School at Shri Ram Centennial School is to bring about the objective of reinforcing concepts, ideas, skills and activities at this early stage, not only from the teachers’ varied points of view but also for the parents to comprehend what is being done in the classroom. The main thrust of our curriculum is based on innovative and creative activities in and outside the classroom.

Well-Planned School Programme for classes 1 to V.

Effective Innovative Teaching

The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the student’s attention and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. Teachers at Shri ram Centennial School, Dehradun reinvest teaching methods and make their classes interesting. We keep on introducing new ideas to benefit our children.

Listed below are some of the strategies we follow at Shri Ram Centennial School.

  • Creative Teaching- Taking the help of creative tools to stimulate creativity in our students. We include playful games or visual exercises that excite the young minds and capture their interest. This also gives our children the opportunity to come up with their ideas and even gives them freedom to explore.
  • E-Learning-We incorporate e-learning in our sessions with power-point presentations, pictorial materials and audio-visual tools that help their imagination thrive and grow.
  • Brainstorming-These sessions are a great way to get the creative ideas flowing with multiple brains focusing on a single idea, which involves everyone into discussion and gets new thoughts onto the table.
  • Classes outside the Classroom- Some lessons are best learnt when they are taught outside the classroom in the lap of nature. Children find it fresh and exciting and the learning remains with them forever.
  • Role Play- Teaching through role play, story dramatization, dance, music rhymes are a great way to make children step out of their comfort zone. This form of free- structured play enables our teachers to break monotony and get all students involved in the lessons.

Assessment of Learning -

Our methodology of assessments for the Primary School involves working with a range of available evidences throughout the process of various activities that enables the teacher to check the child’s performance and to keep a check on their own progress. This in-built system of periodic assessments enable our Primary School teachers to identify the learning gaps, assess their strengths and weaknesses, as well as gives them insight to work on remedial strategies.

Subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Education, General Knowledge and French are taught on a regular basis.

Our Assessment is divided into
  • Formative Assessment : comprising of Class Tests, Saturday Tests and Unit Tests
  • Summative Assessment : comprising of Half Yearly Exams and Final Exams