Our Policies

Child Protection Policy

Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for all children. We believe that every child has the right to be protected from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. This policy is designed to provide guidance on how our school will safeguard the welfare and interests of all children in our care.

Policy on Staff Development

The Staff Development Policy for Shri ram Centennial School concerns the professional development, continued training, guidance and support of teachers. It aims to enhance the personal and professional resources of the teacher and, at the same time, increase the school's capacity for successful working. The policy is based on the identification and evaluation of the school's overall objectives, which serve as a guide to its activities, and, regarding these, the developmental needs of the individual teacher, the department (year or subject) and the whole school.

Policy on Code of Conduct for the Employees

This Code of Conduct applies to all faculty, staff, employees and volunteers who represent the school and who interact with students in both a direct and/or unsupervised capacity. Shri Ram Centennial School is committed to the safety and protection of children. All employees have a responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of children at our school.

Policy on Dress Code for SRCS Staff

The dress code policy for staff is implemented to ensure a professional and appropriate appearance for all employees. A dress code policy promotes a positive image of the company, creates a consistent and cohesive atmosphere, and ensures that all employees are dressed appropriately for work. A dress code policy can also help to avoid confusion and misunderstandings about what is considered appropriate attire in the workplace.

Language Policy of SRCS

The purpose of having a language policy in Shri Ram School is to provide clear guidelines and expectations for the use of language in the school community. This policy serves as a framework for the language-related practices of the school, including the language(s) of instruction, language support for students and staff, assessment and evaluation of language proficiency, staff language requirements, promotion of multilingualism, and implementation and review of the policy.

This policy helps promote equity and inclusivity in the school by ensuring that all students have access to high-quality education regardless of their language background. It also enables us to support multilingualism and the development of language skills by providing resources and support for students and staff.

Policy on Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace

At SRCS, harassment of the School Staff Members because of race, colour, gender, sexual preference, religion, ancestry or national origin, age, disability is prohibited. Such conduct is a violation of the policy and may constitute illegal discrimination under state laws. In order to create such a safe and conducive work environment, this Policy has been framed, in line with the provisions of the “Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013” of India. To uphold the commitment to provide a safe and conducive environment to all staff and employees, such a gender-neutral policy has been introduced at SRCS.

Promotion Policy at Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun (For Classes 9 and 11)

The promotion policy aims to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for their future careers. Our vision is to establish a promotion policy that is both rigorous and fair, challenging students to meet high standards and rewarding their hard work and dedication.

A well-designed promotion policy helps students achieve their academic goals and prepares them for the challenges they will encounter in the future.