At Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun, our commitment to ensuring the utmost safety, convenience, and technological advancement for our students, teachers, and staff is unwavering.

As a premium day- Boarding school of Dehradun, we take immense pride in offering the pinnacle of transportation convenience to our extended school family. Our foremost priority is safeguarding the well-being and comfort of our students, faculty, and staff members throughout their journeys with us.

Transporting students efficiently and securely is a crucial component of our comprehensive educational infrastructure. We recognize that bridging the geographical divide between students' residences and the school campus is pivotal. Our state-of-the-art transportation facility plays a pivotal role in providing a reliable and secure mode of commute, ensuring that students' academic journeys are smooth and hassle-free.

In acknowledgment of the fact that a significant number of India's students rely on school transport for their daily commutes, we are committed to providing the requisite assistance and up-to-date technological enhancements within our transportation services. Through advanced GPS technology, we are able to meticulously track the movements of every school bus in real-time. This level of vigilance ensures an entirely safe and secure experience for our young passengers, fostering a sense of trust between the school, parents, and students.

Our extensive fleet comprises 20 meticulously maintained self-owned vehicles, all equipped with active GPRS capabilities. This enables our dedicated transport manager to maintain constant communication with each vehicle, ensuring real-time monitoring of their precise locations from the moment they depart our premises. Furthermore, our school buses are staffed with dedicated female attendants who are equipped with digital devices. This empowers both parents and the school to remain connected with the bus at all times, providing an additional layer of reassurance.

The safety of our students is paramount, and thus, each of our drivers undergoes thorough police verification and stringent screening before assuming their roles. Entrusting your child's safety and transportation to us is a responsibility we hold with the utmost seriousness.

We understand that flexibility is essential in catering to the diverse needs of our students and parents. Our transport manager is readily available to offer prompt assistance and support, whether it's for route modifications or accommodating early departures. Your child's well-being and convenience are at the core of our commitment.

Our aim is to provide an unparalleled transportation experience that mirrors the excellence of our educational offerings. Trust us with your child's journey, and together, we'll continue to pave the way for a secure and promising future.

Transport Routes

Route Name Areas Covered
Route 1 Raja Road- L.A. City- Donga
Route 2 Garhi cantt- Sehstra Dhara Road
Route 3 E.C. Road- Nanny Bakery
Route 4 Kishan Nagar Chowk- Kaula Garh Road- G.M.S. Rd- Shimla Bypass Rd
Route 5 Dalanwala- Dharampur- Chakrata Road
Route 6 Garhi cantt- Naya Gaon- Jakhan Rajpur Road
Route 7 Indra Nagar- Vasant Vihar
Route 8 Vikas Nagar- Selaqui
Route 9 Wadia- Ballupur- Jalvayu Towers
Route 10 Nathanpur- Miyanwala- Defence Colony- Haridwar Road
Route 11 Clementown- Chandrabani Chowk
Route 12 Banjarawala- Mothrowala- Kargi
Route 13 Race Course- Laxman Chowk- Kanwali Road
Route 14 Nathanpur- Miyanwala- Defence Colony- Haridwar Road